This story describes a single bad decision taken in haste and hidden from a family with unforeseen and wholly unintended consequences.


Susan, the second child and first daughter of her parents became pregnant at the age of 16 to her boyfriend, Nat, who was 18 at the time. Both were in high school and individually depended on their parents for financial support. Because of their Christian background, they were petrified to tell any member of their family. Moreover, they have highly disciplined parents who would not tolerate such an act.


After weighing the pros and the cons of having a baby, the difficulties and challenges they would face at that age in supporting themselves with a child–because neither of them had a job, and both wanted to finish school–they decided that abortion would be the best option. To Susan, the decision for abortion was right, because no one need know she was ever pregnant while in school. Anyway, she had an abortion. As a young girl, she got over it and moved on with her life without knowing the damage that single act has done to her life.


Later on (after their high school), both Susan and her boyfriend, Nat, went to separate colleges. Their relationship was never the same again because, at this time, they had new friends. They also never talked about abortion again. Not only that, but they also kept it secret from their friends and families.


But that single act left a constant feeling of thoughtful sadness in Susan’s heart for so long. For months and years, her mind reeled, and she thought day and sleepless night about the decision she made. Her private moments were spent crying and none of her family members seemed to notice. She eventually learned to push it to the back of her mind, but it would always creep out to break her heart again and again.


Thirteen years later, Susan met her husband, got married, and for four years into their marriage, she discovered she could not become pregnant again and have a child because of some damages done in her by that single abortion decision she made earlier on in her life. Physically, she was okay but emotionally, she was in constant grief and pain carrying around a burden of guilt for the pain she had caused her husband.


Initially, she did not want to tell her husband about the abortion for the fear of being rejected, but after the medical report she received from the doctor, she tearfully told him the truth and was shocked to hear all the support and compassion that her husband gave her. Since then she has confessed her sins to the Lord and to her husband, and both couples are now committed Christians.


Although God has forgiven Susan, there is still a great pain and void in her life that she knows can never be healed. It has given her great sadness, but also greater compassion for others. It has changed her from one who made a bad decision in her late adolescent development age and never thought much about the abortion issue, to a woman who is now an expert on abortion through counseling.


It has equally changed her relationship with some of her husband’s family members who no longer share their closeness with her. However, she and her husband are happily married and are blessed with two adopted children, Paul and Joyce.


What an effect of a bad decision in life! We all should learn from this story. We can learn from our mistakes and demonstrate our obedience through the choices we make.




Ike Ozuome