Posted on January 03, 2020

The character traits and leadership strengths and accomplishments of Abraham are undoubtedly very outstanding. As we have made known in the book (see chapter 4, pp. 122-297), the qualities that made him the “friend of God” and the “father of the faithful” should be of great importance to every true believer of God.

Although he had his weaknesses, mistakes, and failures, Abraham demonstrated extraordinary faith, trust, and obedience to the will of God. The account of his journeys and years of wandering clearly shows that he had great love not only for God, but also for his family and others.

He was also a generous, hospitable, unselfish, humble, devoted, courageous, and unwavering individual, who was highly respected by his peers and profoundly honored by the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims.

In his faithfulness and obedience to God, Abraham accomplished a lot in his life and also showed several other distinguishable personal and leadership qualities that we would do well to emulate so that we too might become friends of God. These things were written down as examples for us and for our learning


The most outstanding character trait and leadership strength of Abraham was his faith. As we can see from the record of his journeys and past events, Abraham’s faith was severely tested a number of times. Although he failed at times, he often showed amazing faith in God in nearly every action in his life. Each response was a step of faith, and together, they can have applications for us.

The first step of faith that Abraham took was in Genesis 11:31-12:7, where, at God’s direction, he left his homeland, Ur of the Chaldees and Haran (both in the land of Mesopotamia), his father’s house, his relatives, and all that was precious to him for a destination unknown (Hebrews 11:8) without doubting or questioning God’s directives, trusting instead in God’s power to fulfill His promises.

Like Abraham, we must trust God with our future and acknowledge Him in all our ways in order to receive His guidance (cf. Proverbs 3:5-8). This means turning every area of our life over to God, including giving Him our future plans. His will must be part of our decision making.

Trusting God definitely means obeying His commands, even when we don’t fully understand. It requires courage and involves heartfelt confidence in God. Obviously, Abraham did not know where he was going when God asked him to leave, yet he placed his trust in the guidance of God who had called him. That is what faith is all about, and Abraham did that—he obediently stepping into the unknown, and so should we!

The second step of faith that he took was in Genesis 12:6, 7. This was the first time that the Lord appeared to Abraham at . . .


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